Next Door Male – Austin Merrick

Well, welcome back to another fresh week and another next door male getting hot and kinky. As we promised we have one sizzling hot and sexy scene to reveal to you all here today and you just have to take your time to see it unfold without delay. This show puts on display Austin Merrick and his beautiful body as he gets to unwind at a public toilet with a glory hole, but sadly it seems he was left all alone to enjoy the action. No worries though as this hot and steamy nextdoormale can still make the best out of a situation like this anyway. So sit back and relax as you can watch the guy spread his legs and jack off right then and there for you all!


So yeah, like we said, he had to play solo, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to have fun. At least not to him. The little clothing that he has comes off quite quick and the guy proudly displays his amazing curves to you all to check out. When he’s had enough showing off, he gets right to masturbating furiously until he unloads all over the place. As you know, this site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see these guys getting nasty and show off how they like to party hard. Every week there’s a brand new hunk waiting for you to check them out and as you know it’s always a treat. Check it out and come back soon for more!

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Tommy Huntington Naked

Hey there guys and gals. You are back just in time to see this next door male showing off as well and as you can see he’s quite the pale looking stud too. Well it’s totally fine since he looks just dreamy and we bet that you will all agree with that statement. His name is Tommy Huntington and it seems that this stud gets to have that nice and big red couch all to himself to play on and he knows that you will be watching intently on what he’s actually doing here today. So, let’s not waste anymore time and get his next door scene going as you just have to see Tommy getting wild and naughty and showing off his cock and naked body on cam!

So like we said, that red couch was all his and boy did he work that furniture like a champ today. He seems quite adept at removing clothes and letting you enjoy the tease as he takes his time to slowly reveal more and more of his body for everyone to see. Eventually he does get gully nude and after exposing his big muscles all over the place and posing for you he got all nice and excited. So naturally he was hard as a rock and in need of release too, where the second part of his show comes in. Enjoy seeing him relieve himself of that and have fun with the show. We’ll see you again next week with a brand new collection of hot images!


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Next Door Male – ATK Polish

We have a bit of a special one to show you today. The next door male that gets to play for you is an exotic one and he looks the part too. The guy is a black stud going by the name ATK Polish and as you can see, he’s packing nice things all over his body. The chocolate stud is here to put on display his lust as he gets to be naughty and nasty for your viewing pleasure of course and that means that he gets to do quite a lot in front of the cameras. Let’s take the time to see what that is in his nextdoormale scene here today, but rest assured that it’s quite naughty. We bet you’ll adore seeing this naked ebony stud showing off to you for the afternoon!


Polish gets to have his little naughty solo session at the gym it seems. And it’s totaly fine as no one else was there at this hour, which gave him ample time to get nasty before he had to lock up and leave as well. It’s quite fitting with that nice and sexy muscled body that he possesses as well and you will get to see him working out a bit as he takes his clothes off too. First is the top and as he works up a sweat come the pants. And as he’s not packing underwear, you can see that cock nicely excited and ready to be toyed with. See the black hunk show off his big black meat pole today and enjoy the show. We’ll see you soon with more!

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Tom Lansing

Hello there and welcome once more. There’s a new next door male to see in this scene today and rest assured that you don’t want to miss this one for the world. That’s because the stud that gets naughty in this scene is Tom Lansing, a blonde guy that loves nothing more than spend his free time playing dirty and pleasing himself. Things that you get to see him do plenty of in his naughty scene here today for you to check out. So with that in mind today, let’s get this amazing little nextdoormale scene of his going and let’s watch the guy in action as he gets to take his sweet time to play with his cock and jack off for a good portion of this show!

Tom gets to play in is king size bed for this afternoon and you get to see him make his entry to the scene as it were wearing nothing but a towel. He swiftly but surely removes it to let you get a much better view of his big dick and that sexy round ass as he makes his way to the bed and once on it, that’s where the real fun begins of course. Watch closely and see him show off just how he likes to show off to you and then see him lay back and with that nice and hard cock now, see him masturbate furiously. He ends up shooting his man juice all over himself as well and maybe with that he needs to go clean up in the shower once again!


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Next Door Male – Aaron Reynolds

As another fresh week swung by, it was time to check out another new addition here at next door male and the scene with this new guy is simply going to blow you all away for sure. The guy is all ready to get naughty and kinky and he knows that he’s going to have an easy time showing off all the great things that he can do on camera for you all. The name of this guy is Aaron Reynolds, and no, sadly he’s not related in any way with the hollywood actor either. Well if that Reynolds would ever want to pose here at nextdoormale we wouldn’t turn him down either. Anyway, let’s watch the guy getting naked and naughty today shall we guys and gals?


Once the action begins and this guy comes into focus, the show properly begins and he knows that he has the stage to himself as it were. It looks like he gets to play in the living room on his comfy and big brown leather couch here and it seems to be quite fitting for him. He expertly starts to strip for you all to check out his superb curves and he knows that he’s going to have a field day today showing off. Just enjoy the view of this hot stud getting to play naughty without delay and watch as he starts to play with his dick too. This wouldn’t be complete if the guy wouldn’t get to unload now would it? Anyway, have fun and see you soon!

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Paul Wagner Naked

Welcome once again to this week’s simply magnificent and glorious next door male scene as per usual. You know what you get to see and rest assured that there’s plenty of it in this nice scene here today. The name of this week’s wonderful and hot muscled hunk is Paul Wagner and he seems to have wanted to play outside in this sunny summer afternoon as well. That’s pretty great since the natural light makes this thing so much better as well. Anyway, hold onto your pants and get ready to check out a smoking hot dude posing naked outside for you today and enjoy the view of this nextdoormale as he teases you non stop throughout!

Well rest assured that Mr Wagner was eager to get to play kinky as well and he just couldn’t wait to get to show off his curves too. As we mentioned, he has quite the sexy muscled body and he knows that he can have your attention as soon as he gets naked, which he does right at the start as all the amazing and hot guys in our scenes. Do take that sweet time to get to check out Paul as he poses sensually and sexy, letting you see every inch of him naked from every angle that you want as well in this one. It’s purely incredible to say the least and we feel he’s going to be coming back soon. Enjoy this one and come back again as per usual next week to check out more action scenes!


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Next Door Male – Mr. Shane

For today’s brand new scene we have another next door male that is eager to show off and play naughty. His name is Shane and he knows a thing or two about putting yourself on display for others to see. Shane here is sure to make more appearances in the future as well, but for now, just sit back and enjoy the view of his little nasty scene as he gets to play solo for you all in this amazing scene. It involves lots of leather seats as you can see and you will see in just a bit why. So let’s not waste time and just get to watch Mr Shane here do his best nextdoormale scene yet as he gets to pose naked and show off his great body and big cock on camera!


The leather seats we mentioned? well it seems that the horny guy with bright blue eyes got to play in his little home cinema set. He has lots of comfy leather chairs there and you can bet that that’s where he prefers to have his movie night as well. Anyway, today he was free and no one was visiting so it was a great time to not only show it off, but also get to play naughty there while you get to watch him closely. Watch and see him make quick work of his clothes and then see him hard at work when he’s all naked. Hard at work stroking his cock of course as he jacks off with a vengeance for you all to check out. See you guys and gals soon!

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New Guy Leo Cavalli

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new show with more nextdoormale stars getting ready to throw down and put a simply amazing show for you all to sit back and see. This week we have Leo Cavalli here as the main show and he has the living room all to himself this afternoon to play in and expose his superb body curves all nude as well. Let’s just take the time to get to sit back and watch the show unfold with this hot hunk and you can bet that you will be in for some truly steamy shows with a sexy male that knows how to please! So yeah, let’s check out the guy wanting to be a cock tease to you all today shall we?

So as the house was all empty, the guy had the place to himself to do what he wanted. It was just him and the cameras and you can see that this stud knows exactly how to work those angles to get to show you what you want to see. First the clothes come off as he merely throws them around the marble floor and it seems that he gets to take his spot somewhere around the dining area too. Once there he sits down and does some sexy posing and after that… well you know what follows. Take your time to also see him playing with himself and enjoy the show everyone. We’ll see you again next week with more new content!


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Next Door Male – Joey Rico

Hey there guys and welcome back to the show were you can check out another hot and horny next door male playing dirty with himself once again. This week it’s Joey Rico and as you can see, he’s quite the Latino Cutie and you can rest easy that he knows how to play dirty if you get what we mean. Hell, you do. You don’t come here to see apartment rentals are you? So either way, and jokes aside, do prepare yourselves to see one superbly hot and sexy Latin guy that gets to show off his stuff in this nextdoormale scene for the week. Le’s get those cameras rolling and see Joey Rico getting nude and nasty for you already shall we?


Just like a lot of times in the past, you can see the stud making his entry and it seems that he is very very eager to show off too. Watch some slow and sexy strip tease first and foremost and then watch as he gets to show off from all angles for you. He wants you to check out every inch of his body without fail. So anyway, take your time to check him out and we’ll see you again next week with another one. But for now just rake the time to see Joey here have some fun in bed masturbating furiously for your viewing pleasure. We’ll be sure to have even more new and hot studs here next time so do make sure to drop by and check them out!

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Kevin Crows Outdoor

Next door male is back in black once more and there are some pretty intense and hot shows to see with this guy here. He’s one of the best around to get to check out as he plays nasty and his name is of course Kevin Crows. He will be your host as it were for the afternoon and he is going to enjoy quite the naughty session of playing with himself for the cameras. Just sit back and relax as you get to watch this muscular stud showing off his superb body to you all as you will see, his nextdoormale scene takes place by the poolside. Get ready to see him get naked and then watch him stroke his majestic meat shaft for you all to see too!

Sit back and see the dude getting into his back yard and once there you can see him making a b line straight for the pool. He begins to go and take his place near the water and slowly enter as well. He wants to get nice and wet as it is a hot summer day too. But once he’s out that swimwear comes off and you get to see his cock in all it’s glory as the guy was already excited and rock hard. He needed to start playing right away with himself, so watch him take a seat next to the pool and see him starting to work his beat with his expert hand. We’ll return soon with many more scenes like this so make sure to drop by and check them out!


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